Q     Will you be explaining on the conference calls how the app sends the Info Boosts to our body?

A .    The app accesses the online Limbic Arc library where you select the items to be included in the Boost. Once selected, the items are modified to be specific for you and are directed to your energy field.


Q     How long do I send the Boosts to myself?

A     The default length of a boost is eight days, although you can modify that time.


Q    How often do I send the Boosts to myself within a 24-hour period?

A     Once activated the information contained in the Boost is continually in your field. However, in order to be effective, it's necessary to engage the conscious mind as well as the subconscious. To facilitate this engagement, the Limbic Arc has a number of triggers built in. These triggers are not continuous, but occur intermittently.


Q    What is to stop me from sharing the Boosts with someone else from my personal app?

A     The app is unique and singular for the person who owns it, it only accesses one account. It’s impossible to share a Boost with anyone else.


Q     How do I know when to stop sending the Boosts to myself?

A     It will stop by default in eight days after it’s activated. However, you can adjust its duration.  There’s no right or wrong to the length of a Boost, with experience you’ll get a sense of how long to have any particular Boost last.


Q     Is there an ideal time the Boosts are applied to myself?

A     Eight days is the default, but you can adjust the duration.


Q     How will I know what particular Boosts I need and for how long?

A     The Boosts are determined by the desired effect and are manually selected accordingly.


Q     How will the Boost products be presented? As a shopping list of sorts?

A     Yes, the exact UI is still in development, but the selection process will be convenient and intuitive.


Q     Is the Limbic Arc similar to devices that generate frequencies?
A     No. The Limbic Arc taps into fields that are to complex to be described as a frequency or a vibration.


Q     How will I know if the Limbic Arc is working?
A     At the time you select a new Boost you will be asked to quickly score your current situation. For example, if you select the Calm InfoBoost you will rate your current situation in terms of anxiety, stress, and irritability. At the end of your Boost (which cycles over an eight-day period) you'll be asked to rate your current situation again on those same items. You'll then be able to compare your initial scores to the follow-up scores. You'll also have a place to optionally make a quick note of anything you noticed as the result of your Limbic Arc Boost. This journaling will assist you in your ongoing assessment of the Limbic Arc's effectiveness.  A suggestion in this regard: pay attention to how you feel no matter which Boost you select. Things that happen energetically are often felt, so paying attention to feelings is important.