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Welcome to the Limbic Arc temporary pre-launch website. The full version website and back office will go live when we officially launch on June 25th.


If you've ever wanted to be in on something in the EARLY stages of development, when absolutely no one has even heard of it, then CONGRATS, because you're one of the very first people in the world to hear about this amazing new business opportunity! What we are about to share with you is what we believe will become one of the biggest wellness and technology network-marketing companies of all time!


The Limbic Arc executive team is extremely excited about opening up this new network-marketing company and bringing this disruptive breakthrough wellness technology to the world!


Here are some of the basics:


  • These quantum-energy wellness products will be managed by you directly through your cell phone or device.

  • By simply downloading the Limbic Arc app, you can have access to up to 150 different quantum-energy wellness products -  and more will be added over time!

  • Just choose your monthly subscription level of $50 or $100 and you will have unlimited access to all the features available at that subscription level.

  • By accessing the Limbic Arc quantum-energy wellness products that are associated with products that you're already buying now from other companies, you have the potential to add a substantial boost to your wellness program and save significant money. You'll be able to access all of the items in your subscription package instantly with no waiting for delivery and no paying any shipping and handling charges!

  • There is absolutely no competition anywhere in the world because no other company has figured out how to harness these quantum-energy wellness products and deliver it through an app. The parent company won't be selling access to this technology to any of their existing clients. The only way anyone can access these products is to join our networking company and then purchase a monthly subscription. In other words, our networking company, Limbic Arc, has 100% exclusivity on bringing this breakthrough wellness technology product line to the world.

  • The 14-year-old multi-national parent company that's behind Limbic Arc is publicly traded and has over 60 employees. They work with thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals and their technology routinely creates life-changing effects.




Not only do we have what we believe is the most amazing health breakthrough technology ever seen, we also have one of the most exciting comp plans ever created! Let me explain: This is not a flash-in-the-pan type of network-marketing company that is here today and gone tomorrow. We are building this from the ground up to be a billion-dollar company!


Most successful long-term companies that have made it 10+ years, typically "say" they pay out up to 50%-55% - and with breakage, they actually end up paying out about 40% each month. We are thrilled to say that Limbic Arc is paying out a full 50% of each dollar that comes in with absolutely no breakage! For example, if $100,000 comes in, then $50,000 will be paid out for that weekly pay period!


Here's how the full 50% payout works each week: The Binary and the Weekly Check Match are paid first, then the remainder is divided and placed into the weekly "Retail Rewards Pool" and the weekly "Leadership Bonus Pool", then distributed (paid out in full) between all those who qualify.


  • A full 50% of every gross dollar is paid out weekly
  • Absolutely zero breakage designed into comp plan
  • Receive up to $20,000 per week from our non-flushing Binary pay plan
  • Receive up to 3 generations of "Weekly Check Match" with no earning cap
  • Powerful weekly "Retail Rewards Pool" to incentivize new-subscription sales
  • Our weekly "Leadership Bonus Pool" rewards all leaders
  • Recognition and Rewards as distributors advance in rank




This is your chance to be in at the very beginning of our worldwide launch! Don't waste another second - sign up now to secure the best possible position in your enrollers binary tree!


NOTE: Between now and the official launch date of June 25th, everyone will be able to sign-up for FREE and secure their position in the tree as a valued Customer/Distributor of Limbic Arc. On June 25th, when we officially open for business, everyone will then have a window of about 72 hours in which to place at least the minimum $50 qualifying subscription order, or their binary position will be purged from the tree.


As everyone knows, most companies charge an annual "admin fee" to the tune of about $30 to $50 to "offset costs of running the business". We at Limbic Arc are proud to announce that there will be no fees charged above the cost of the monthly subscription fee.


Please be sure to review the overview video on the Technology page to better understand HOW and WHY the technology works.


We look forward to many years of continued success as we at Limbic Arc strive to create a world-class company that allows everyone the ability to build with confidence.


- The Limbic Arc Team





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